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20 Outrageous Upgrades to the Classic S’more

S’more are the perfect campfire treat. It’s also the perfect treat in the middle winter in front of the fireplace. Come to think about it, they are the perfect year round treat. But its time to upgrade and branch out…

Fudge Recipes: The Ultimate Guide

  The ways to make fudge are almost as endless as the possible flavors of fudge. A twist on your classic fudge recipe is to use cake mix along with other ingredients to create smooth and deliciously rich fudge. Using…

National Chocolate Day – 2015

National Chocolate Day is Wednesday, October 28th, 2015!

National Chocolate Cupcake Day – 2015

National Chocolate Cupcake Day is Sunday, October 18th, 2015

National Chocolate Milk Day – 2015

National Chocolate Milk Day is Sunday, September 27th, 2015!

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Imagine this: a cold glass of milk with a warm, just out of the oven, chocolaty cookie with a slight outer crunch and an obey-gooey center. The perfect, flawless chocolate chip cookie. Throw out that age-old Nestle toll-house chocolate chip…

Storing Chocolate (If You Can)

If you bought more chocolate you can consume, then you should follow these tips in order to best preserve all the chocolatey goodness. And if you’re a huge chocolate enthusiast, then something like Blissful Bites Box, a monthly subscription of…

Chocolate Sauce That Instantly Hardens into a Shell with Ice Cream

Coconut oil is the key ingredient to making a chocolate sauce that instantly hardens when poured over ice cream. Melt together 8 ounces of your best semi-sweet chocolate with 2/3 cup coconut oil with a pinch of salt. Cool to…

Maximizing Chocolate Flavors

Chocolate is a very delicate substance, full of highly sensitive, volatile compounds that give chocolate much of its flavor. When chocolate is heated, the liquids in it turn to steam and carry away these volatile compounds. That’s what makes the…



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