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Paleo Diet Slow Cooker

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Paleo Slow CookerPaleo Diet is completely based on the elimination of dairy, sugars, salt, and alcohol. Its increased popularity as a measure to improve overall health with better nutrition as it has a healthy ratio of fatty acids, improves the absorption of vitamin and various nutrients, and consists of an ideal balance of all the macro nutrients (Protein, Carb and Fat).

So what benefits will you get from a paleo diet?
1. Long term and sustained weight loss
2. Feeling Satiety
3. Reducing body inflammation
4. Strengthens our immune system
5. Decrease the production of LDL
6. More and more…

What will you learn from this book?
1. Basic knowledge of slow cooker
2. Advantages of a slow cooker
3. How to choose a good slow cooker
4. Basic knowledge of Paleo Diet
5. 101 delicious and easy slow cooker recipes
6. Healthy 21- day meal plan
7. More and more…


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