Herbs and Spices: Rubs, Blends and Mixes

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Herbs and SpicesWithout herbs and spices, the food we prepare would be bland and boring. They are critically important to create seasonings that deliver uniquely flavorful dishes, which appeal to our senses of taste, small and visual.

Find 75 truly amazing recipes for rubs, blends and mixes. Each provides a jumping off point for the home chef to add their own flair and adjust the flavor profile to their own tastes. Or try mixes from the four corners of the globe you may have never tried before to get the unique flavors from places in Africa, Latin American, Europe and Asia.

Find recipes for seasoning mixes for meat, poultry, pork, lamb and fish. Ingredients for mixes can be found from every corner of the globe. Specialty bless are included for salt-free alternatives and salad dressings.

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