Hawaiian Lava Flow Cocktail Drink

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Cappuccinos: The Ultimate Recipe Guide

  You can get a great cappuccino, a coffee drink made of espresso, steamed milk and foam, at a cafe or coffee house for a few dollars a cup. Or if you’re willing to learn, you can make cappuccinos yourself at your home or office using an espresso or cappuccino machine purchased from any home […]

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Natural Vitamin Water: The Ultimate Recipe Guide

Natural vitamin water is light, refreshing and healthy. Besides quenching your thirst with a bright, citrus flavor, you’ll get all the benefits of drinking water. Natural vitamin water aids digestion and helps eliminate gas from the body. You don’t have to buy expensive bottled waters to enjoy the benefits of this highly refreshing drink. Make […]

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Top 3 American Cocktails

A sweet little thing in an even sweeter glass on a warm summer’s day is what you’ll see at backyards across the US as backyard aficienados experiement with Top American Cocktails. Cocktails have been around for ages and they come in different forms, flavour and conceptions. A cocktail is a blending of two or more […]

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Beer Cooking: The Ultimate Recipe Guide

Cooking with Beer is a sure way to add flavor to any dish! Impress your friends and family at parties with your fun and creative recipes.The alcohol in beer evaporates when cooked, enhancing the flavor of the food and makes it more sweet or acidic depending on the dish.

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Natural Tea: The Ultimate Guide

Tea has been a part of our lives for more than 5000 years and in some cultures, to make tea is an art form. Homemade tea is one of the best remedies for a cold, sore throat or indigestion. Tea has a calming effect and helps increase blood circulation in the body. It also serves […]

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Infused Liqueur Recipes

Why should food have all the fun? Let liquors take a turn with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You’ll find the results are perfect for making summer cocktails in a snap. Infuse your vodka, gin, bourbon, or tequila in elements to create favorite tastes and unique drinks. Everything from Bacon Infused Bourbon to Marshmallow Infused Vodka. Infuse […]

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Bubble Tea Recipe Cookbook

Boba Bubble Tea is a relatively new type of tea, invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. The beverage itself is essentially milk tea or a fruit-flavored iced tea. The ingredient that turns regular flavored teas into “bubble teas” is the tapioca pearls. These fruity pearls sink to the bottom, but they cause bubbles of air […]

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Cider Recipe Cookbook

Making fresh apple cider is a traditional pastime when orchardsare full of a harvest of apples. While the process of making cider is simple and requires very few steps, you can easily make homemade cider with common household supplies and process a few bushels of apples at home. Take a peak at a few of […]

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Tips for Brewing the Best Coffee Ever!

Prefer brewing your own cup of coffee? To achieve a perfect coffee, here are tips to ensure ideal extraction and flavor. 1. USE FILTERED WATER A cup of coffee is about 98 percent water, so if your tap water tastes bad or has strong mineral flavors, your coffee will too. We found that the test […]

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