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Brazilian Cuisine: Classic & Creative Recipes for the Home Chef

  Brazilian Cuisine focuses on the distinct and creative cuisine of Brazil. It is an explosion of flavor and colors that encompasses multiple cultures of native Indians, Africans and the Portuguese. With the Olympics to be held in Rio de…

50 Shades of Chicken: Quick, Easy and Unique Recipes

  Discover 50 seductive recipes in 50 Shades of Chicken. Have chicken every way you like it – roasted, grilled, baked, pulled, in pot pies, and in salads.  

Berry Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

Sweet and peppery punch is what you get from this jam. Use it as a marinade, as an addition to salsa, or add additional liquid to use as a dessert sauce.

Pesto Calabrese

A spicy, southern Italian-style pesto recipe includes a touch of ricotta, which tempers the flavor of the red peppers. It makes an excellent topping for bruschetta.

Pesto alla Trapanese (Sicilian Pesto)

The pesto alla trapanese is a Sicilian variation of the genoese pesto, typical of the Province of Trapani.

Pesto alla Provence (Pistou)

The Provençal love their approach to pesto. It is typically added to a vegetable-rich soup and adds an overall fresh and bright flavor. Also use it on fish or pasta.

Pesto alla Genovese (Classic Pesto)

The classic recipe from Genoa, Italy! The choice of the ingredients is important to achieve the fresh bright flavors. Serve on crostini with goat cheese or on pasta.

Mustard and Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

A lovely dressing that can be used on salads and vegetables or use as a dip or meat marinade.

Food for the Soul: Biblically Inspired Recipes

From God to Table Food for the Soul provides a feast for the body, mind, and spirit with dozens of recipes – over 50 of them with each recipe inspired by meals and ingredients described in the bible following a…

Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Chicken Breast Roll-ups

Almost everyone loves pizza. If you are looking for an easy, homemade alternative to the classic pizza, you’ve got to try this recipe that even your kids will love!



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