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Asparagus Recipes Cookbook

Asparagus-Cover-200x320Asparagus is a very healthy vegetable that contains few calories and has no fat or cholesterol. Asparagus has been revered by ancient Greek and Romans as a prized delicacy. One of the oldest recorded vegetables.

– Did You Know –


1 – can detoxify our system

2 – has anti-aging functions

3 – is considered an aphrodisiac

4 – can protect against cancer

5 – reduces pain and inflammation

6 – can prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

7 – reduces the risk of heart disease

8 – can help prevent birth defects

Take a peek at a few of the recipes you can find inside!

Balsamic Buttered Asparagus
Asparagus Lasagna
Chicken Asparagus Penne
Asparagus Guacamole
Asparagus Mushroom Casserole



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